Lina Inverse

Costume made originally in 1998 but renewed in 2017.

Knife, belt decorations and armor are in EVAfoam and black Worbla, colored with acrylic and gilding. In the shoulders armor there are two LEDs. Demon Blood Talismans are in EVAfoam and Thibra, colored with acrylic and gilding, inside there are single LEDs, except for that on the neck, where I put a NEO PIXEL LED Ring programmed by me to have colored lights. Gems on talismans and belt are in resin, made with a bakery mold. Gems on the shoulders armor are transparent plastic balls.
The fabric part is in Polyester and Lycra.

All photos are edited with Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Series: Slayers
  • Character: Lina Inverse
  • Model: Hoshi as Lina Inverse and Zel as Gourry Gabriev
  • Photographer: Zel and Hoshi
  • Photo Editor: Hoshi