Zel and Hoshi are a married couple of cosplayers with several years of experience in the cosplay field with also the passion for the photography and photo editing.

They are native of Italy but currently living in The Netherlands.Hoshi started her cosplay career on 28 March 1998 at the spring edition of the Italian convention Lucca Comics and Games with the wish to wear the costumes of her favorite characters and have fun with her friends.

While Zel entered in the cosplay world the following year at the same convention, thanks to Hoshi that persuaded him to make a cosplay group with her.

During these 20 years they won several prizes around Europe mainly in Italy and France. But they visited also several Japanese conventions as well.Also today after their marriage and moving to The Netherlands they continue to practice cosplay, showing their love for this passion.

You can find more of their cosplay pictures on Cure WorldCosplay:

Work in progress and news are on Facebook (English Only): https://www.facebook.com/ZelandHoshi

And Twitter(Japanese Only): http://twitter.com/zhcosplay

To know more about them you can read their interview with AVO Blog (English and Dutch): AVO Blog interview with Zel and Hoshi


  • Best Male Costume at Comic Convention 2002 Italy
  • Best Group at Immaginaria 2002 Italy
  • Best Accesory at Immaginaria 2002 Italy
  • Special Prize by Jury at Cosmania 2002 Italy
  • Special Prize at Yamato Shop 2003 Italy
  • Prix de Ressemblance at Japan Expo 2003 (Paris)
  • 3rd Place Momo d’Or Filles at Japan Expo 2003 (Paris)
  • Best Performance at Cosmania 2003 Italy
  • Best Group at Turin Comics 2003 Italy
  • Most Difficult Costume at Lucca Comics 2004 Italy
  • Best Group at Lucca Comics 2004 Italy
  • Best Performance at Comiconvention 2004 Italy
  • 2nd Place at Edward Elric Look-Alike Contest on CosplayLab Site
  • Best Group at Fumettopoli 2005 Milan Cosplay Contest. – Italy
  • Special Prize as Best Group at Lucca Comics 2005 Italy
  • 3th Place as Best Group at Fumettopoli 2005 Italy
  • 1st Place at Festival du Jeux of Cannes 2007 Cosplay Contest – France
  • 6th Place as Best Costume at Epitanime 2007 Paris – France.
  • 4th Place at Manga Expo 2007 – Paris – France
  • 1st Place at contest of the Fan Festival 2007 – France
  • 1st Place as Best Costume at Epitanime 2008, Cosplay Night Paris – France
  • 2nd Place at Japan Expo 2010 – Paris – France Cosplay Contest.
  • 2nd place Best Costume at Chibi Japan Expo 2010 in Paris – France
  • 1st prize at Nishicon 2015 Cosplay Fashion Show – The Netherlands
  • 2nd Place at Tsunacon Cosplay Fashion Show 2016 – The Netherlands
  • 2nd Place at Japan Markt 2017 Cosplay Contest – Leiden – The Netherlands
  • Best Couple at Chimera Comix 2018 – Monte San Savino – Italy
  • PSO2 10th Anniversary Online Cosplay Contest
  • PSO2 10th Anniversary Online Craft Contest

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