Here you’ll find some of our cosplays. Unluckily the really old costumes are missing, since the image quality (analogical ones) wasn’t good, such as the pictures were impossible to edit. So we decided to post only pictures taken after 2013 only making some exception for that of Rikku from Final Fantasy. The photos taken between 2013 and 2015 have sometime low quality, cause old equipment. Our body shape in the pictures after 2015 is different, cause the heavy diet that we followed for medical health.

SlayersRagnarok OnlineDancerVocaloidMEIKO - Camellia
AmnesiaHeroineUta no Prince-samaMacross FrontierSheryl Nome
Final FantasyLost UniverseCanal VolfeedFull Metal Panic
Fullmetal AlchemistDisgaeaMageLa Corda dOroKahoko Hino
Rozen MaidenShinkuH.O.T.D.Love LiveEri Ayase
[C] ControlWhen They Cry 2Hare+GuuWeda
Original & GothicDemon Alchemist (Original Character)Soul Calibur 3