Assist Cosplay (Assist Wig) wigs review by Hoshi

I had to make a video about this review, but I had some issues with my smartphone, so I decided to make an article.
Some days ago I received some wigs that I purchased from Assist Cosplay (Assist Wig), one of my favorite Japanese cosplay shops (I visit always it when I go in Japan).
The wig were on sale, so they were really cheap compared to the original price. (I was lucky!^__^)
As in the past, also this time I was happy with the products.
First of all here a pic of the product, as it arrived inside the parcel.
Every wig comes in a personalized bag, with inside the wig nicely packaged in a plastic bag and with two wig caps of the same color of the wig.
This is pretty nice, since it’s really hard to find colored caps.
I purchased 4 wigs and a ponytail (but I won’t show this, since it has the same color of the blond wig).
Here the colors that you see from the left side:
Canary, Black Purple, Purple Ash, Romance Purple.
About the haircut 3 of them are Classic Layered (I would need to stylish them, of course, but since they’re heat resistant the work will be easier).
Another good thing is the wig inner part, it has the same color of the wig, and this is an help in the case it could show up in some pic.
Anyway here some pics of the wigs that I purchased and my opinion about them.
Here the Romance Purple, I purchased this for my Zelgadis Cosplay, I wanted another color, but it was sold out, so to be sure I bought this and the Purple Ash, but I think that I’ll use this, the color fits well…also with the blue of my skin.XD
The hair of this wig are really soft and the wig is full of them, but without to have an extra volume. I like this kind of wig, smooth, soft and full of hair.
Poor wig…after the stylish it won’t be anymore soft and smooth.XD
This this the Purple Ash, in the pic it isn’t clear, it looks like as romantic purple, but believe me in the realty the color is pretty different.
This is a really desaturated color.
This is the Black Purple color, I purchased it for my Amelia will Tesla Saillune cosplay. Of course it needs of a styling.
I wanted another color but it was sold out, so I bought this, I wasn’t sure that a meshed wig could work well, but after that I saw it, I thought that it was just perfect. The hair are black with inside purple meshes.
The last one was a wig in color Canary, I’ll go to remake my Rikku-X2 wig with it. It’s for this reason that I bought also a ponytail.
The wig is soft as the other, but as all long wigs (80cm) it tangles a bit. Nothing compared with other wig, but the static electricity is pretty visible on it.
I’ll go to use silicone spray on it.
The color is really nice, a warm blond (I remember the time when also my real life hair were int his way…now I have them pink, purple, blue and pale blond, so pretty differentXD).
Following the comparison with another wig purchased in a European shop(I’ll avoid to write the name).
As you can see the quality difference is evident. Assist Cosplay wig is really smooth and with few tangles, the other wig has thicker hair and this makes a bad volume on it. Also the cut of Assist Cosplay wig is better.
So in conclusion, I’m really happy of my purchase, and I advise this shop also to the other cosplayers.
When I’ll go to style this wigs I’ll post another article.