Sorcerer from Ragnarok Online

Costume made in 2014 but renewed in 2016.
The second time that we made this dress we used polyester fabric and crystal satin for the sleeves. The big circle is made in Eva foam covered with natural rubber and colored with acrylic colors. The scarf is made in artificial fur and black feather, while the headgears are made in Eva foam, fabric (Odin Mask) and Worbla, colored with acrylic colors. About the staff, we used the same materials of the circle, and we put inside some colored LEDs. The armlets are in Eva foam and Worbla, while the bracelets such as shoes and belt decoration in Foam covered with natural rubber, everyone colored with acrylic colors. The gemstones are in resin. The dress decoration was printed using dye sublimation, while the color on the sleeves is acrylic color.


  • Series: Ragnarok Online
  • Character: Sorcerer
  • Models: Hoshi as Sorcerer and  Zel as Shadow Chaser
  • Photographer: Zel, Hoshi
  • Photo editor: Hoshi